STUNG MKTG:  small but mighty, we are a full service marketing agency with the aim of providing top tier growth and brand support at a transparent and attainable rate.


You're The Best At What You Do.
So Are We.

We know your stressors: high growth expectations, intense competition, the struggle for eyes and ears, limited resources and access to talent. STUNG MKTG is a small business who understands small businesses. We get what motivates you, your ambitions, and what keeps you up at night. 
We offer you solutions to grow and nurture your business. We treat your brand and your budget like it's our own, spending incrementally and testing our strategies so you start to build momentum.

Let's Get Real

Reality 1: You are running a business - or a department - and it is your baby. Every success is hard-won, you still feel the sting of every failure, and you want it to grow.

Reality 2: You’ve accepted that you aren’t the expert on all things AND growth is too important to play. Worse, its a waste of precious time to become an expert in something when we’re here and we know our shit.

Reality 3: Previous attempts to get marketing support have failed (remove your uncle's access to your website please and thank you). This field is full of scam artists, you are side-eyeing us right now and we understand why.

Why Are We so Damn Stunning?

We aim to shock, changing hearts and minds about the integrity and effectiveness of the agency model and becoming a part of your team you can’t remember life without.

STUNG MKTG blends best-in-class strategy and the latest in technology with entrepreneurial spirits to match yours.

Strategy & Implementation

Our process begins with complete immersion in your org and vision. Strategy and implementation plans are all unique to your goals.

Brand & Buzz

We'll build / boost your brand identity, reputation and market clout with expertise in corporate, commercial and internal communications

Digital Impact

The latest in tech leveraged to super-charge your digital impact. From web development & optimization to CRM, paid media and a tech stack custom prescribed for your business.

About Us

At STUNG MKTG, we are more than a digital marketing agency – we are the architects of your brand's success story. Our passion lies in crafting strategies that resonate, designs that captivate, and campaigns that leave a lasting impact. With a team of creative thinkers, data enthusiasts, and strategic minds, we thrive on pushing boundaries and creating transformative experiences for our clients.

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